Many building materials are used to create permeable pavers, including brick, gravel, clay, and stone. Permeable pavers have a porous surface. The surface allows water and pollutants to penetrate through the paver. This type of hardscaping product will aid with transporting water to areas in need and will prevent water from accumulating on a paved surface. Choose permeable products to beautify your property and aid with drainage needs.

Dry-Lay Or Wet-Lay

A series of permeable pavers that are constructed of brick or stone can be used to cover a sand or gravel driveway. If pavers will be installed with a dry-lay technique, multiple layers will make up each paver-covered surface. The layers include a paving material, a gravel bed, a filter fabric, and a bed of crushed gravel or sand.

Pavers need to be aligned and pressed down on top of the natural material that is currently covering the area that is being paved. Some permeable products can be connected. An interlocking design will stablize materials and prevent gaps from forming between pavers.

Wet-lay installations involve using an adhesive to adhere the base of permeable products to a sublayer. Adhesive can be brushed onto the underside of each piece that is being used to hardscape a surface.

A Reinforcement Grid

A reinforcement grid is a material that is designed to be laid out across a surface that doesn't drain well. A grid is constructed of mesh and will contain separate chambers that can be used to hold gravel or grass. The porous properties of the mesh will allow rainwater to filter through and will provide support necessary for walking or driving across a surface.

One type of material can be added to each opening in a grid or a combination of two or more materials can be added. If a homeowner would like to add a patterned design to their property, they have the option of separating gravel and stone mixtures or different varieties of grass. After a reinforcement grid has been laid out, an equal amount of each dry material should be added to the sections where the materials are desired.

Grass seed can be poured into the other sections. This type of permeable product differs in appearance from standard pavers, but it will still supply the benefits of formed permeable products that have hard surfaces. Permeable pavers can also be used in conjunction with a reinforcement grid. A grid can be used for the bulk of a project and pavers can form a border alongside it.